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About us

EMS Ltd is an equipment management company, which specialises in saving companies money through the control of pallets, totes and crates for manufacturers and distributors across a broad sector of industries. We manage Chep, IPP Logipal & LPR accounts for a large number of blue chip companies in Europe.

The EMS product portfolio is designed to save money by managing all aspects of a company’s Chep pallet account and or their other service providers. The EMS products ensure cost effective and accurate account management, control procedures, audits, invoice reconciliation and problem analysis for many companies. We handle several million flows per year in many countries.

EMS Ltd partners many manufacturers & distributors in order to improve efficiencies, align costs, avoid over spending and help to provide improved budget forecasting. To do this successfully EMS Ltd must demonstrate their vast knowledge of the equipment pooling industry and in particular the Chep system where the founders of EMS Ltd worked for many years.

It is recognised within industry that the management of a Chep, LPR, IPP or an internal pallet account is a difficult, time consuming and resource consuming function. It has been described as a necessary evil in some quarters and EMS would have sympathy with that assertion, however EMS fundamentally believe that if a Chep pallet account or other supplier equipment account is managed to its optimum, then it is the best value means of getting product to market. But to realise this requires Knowledge and control from a recognised expert in the field.

In the current climate of outsourcing, companies recognise that the function of pallet management is a prime area for outsourcing and cost saving. Companies are increasingly realizing that the idea of tasking an employee with the management of the Chep pallet or other supplier account leads to overspend due to lack of focus and control. Companies are now asking the questions internally,

  • Do we have the skill set to manage our Chep Pallet account or other equipment supplier account effectively?
  • What is the cost of this lack of knowledge?

When these questions are faced and answered, the solution is to seek the appropriate skill set and expertise, which is EMS Ltd.

The outsourcing of Chep pallet or other equipment supplier control has many benefits besides the obvious of an end to overspend. Companies save on the waste of excessive management time and admin time with dealing with the complexity of the Chep Pallet or other equipment supplier account. This leads to the more efficient use of internal resources managing and operating core business activities while gaining a knowledge based service to manage an area of their business that requires expertise.

EMS Ltd currently operates throughout Europe, and manages all Europe wide interactions with their customers Chep pallet and or other Equipment supplier accounts.

Why choose EMS?

Simply put: We save our clients time & money.


EMS has managed the TGL pallet pool for many years now. They have the knowledge, focus & control required to optimise our pool. Their knowledge of this complex area is vast & we can be sure that our assets are under control.

Graeme Earl
Group Logistics Manager, Tayto

When I first took over this role, I was quite skeptical of what EMS offered us – how wrong I was! Invaluable pretty much sums them up. From day to day pallet management at which they excel all the way though to negotiations during tenders, I sleep easy knowing that our equipment management is in the safest of hands.

Pete Austin
Transport Manager Hub UK, Beiersdorf

I call EMS the Ronseal company as they do exactly what it says on the tin, they manage the pallet account to its optimum…

Bryan Jackson
Head of European Logistics, Accolade Wines



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