Frequently Asked Questions

EMS Ltd is an equipment management company, which specialises in saving companies money through the control of pallets, totes and crates for manufacturers and distributors across a broad sector of industries. We manage Chep, IPP Logipal & LPR accounts for a large number of blue chip companies in Europe.

Our products & services derive from a vast & detailed knowledge of the pallet pooling industry which were gained while working for Chep and are designed with the Chep customer in mind. The goal of the products is very clear and simple, reduce costs and gain maximum value from the customers Chep pallet account and or any other equipment account the customer may have.
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Yes, in many cases EMS Ltd has found that their services are cost neutral to their customers.

No, we are ex-Chep employees who are completely committed to ensuring that our customers do not overspend on equipment rental.

EMS Ltd will be present at all meetings with your equipment providers. We would strongly suggest that our customers do not hold any meetings without EMS Ltd being present.

No, EMS Ltd will manage all this for you

No, EMS Ltd will manage all this for you

No, EMS Ltd will manage all this for you

Yes, EMS Ltd believes that this is a vital part of the successful & cost effective management of a pallet network.

EMS Ltd reviews its own systems to ensure that any chances to its customers business or any changes to the equipment providers systems are managed effectively.

Yes, EMS Ltd will manage every aspect of our customers’ pallet requirements under the Turnkey Pallet Management product.